Old sculptures in Aveiro, 27 October 2021

Old sculptures in Aveiro, 27 October 2021

As everyone who knows me knows, I love Aveiro for its canals, its fabulous buildings and its magnificent street art. 

In 2009, Aveiro in collaboration with the VerArte Gallery, installed 14 sculptures around the city by the Portuguese sculptor Luis Queimadela. 

Titled “InVitro,” These square-face, block-body sculptures represent post-modern bodies through extremes, such as face and feet.

Over the years the sculptures have steadily disappeared, the huge stone face outside the Forum shopping centre being removed long ago, and in the past few months more of the sculptures have gone. Most recently the face outside the city's railway station as part of the renovation it has undergone.

So I was delighted to find a statue tucked away in a quiet park just outside the city centre. Now covered by a layer of lichen, the face is a little worse for wear, and the 'body' has lost some of its lustre, but the statue still retains its magnificence. 

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