Lo-Fi: The Lomo LC-A, where it all began

Lo-Fi: The Lomo LC-A, where it all began 

Today my model of the camera that started off the whole Lomography movement arrived, the Lomo LC-A. 

When it was first unpacked the camera failed to operate. It would wind on, and the mechanism would 'click' but the shutter didn't move. Fortunately, I had some new batteries (it takes three LR44 button batteries) and swapping the old batteries with new ones brought the little Lomo back to life.

There was actually a 12-exposure roll of film in the camera, so after I had uploaded the film to confirm that the camera was working I reloaded the film and will use the remainder. 


Originally I had no plan to buy a 35mm camera, but I have recently discovered EBS photography, Expose Both Sides of the film, and the little Lomo is a perfect tool for that.

This is my penultimate analogue camera arrived. Now that I have practically every small and medium format size of film camera I had promised my better half that I wouldn't get any more.

Digital cameras are another thing, as I have plans for at least one more digital camera. 

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