Out with the shitty digital 1€ camera, 26 October 2022

Out with the shitty digital 1€ camera, 26 October 2022

It's #PolaroidWeek and I had one piece of Instax Monochrome loaded into my Polaroid 600. It seemed like a waste to go out and take just one photograph, so I thought I would take the little #shittydigital 2MP Vivitar camera I had picked up from CEX for 1€.

The Vivitar is as simple as a camera can be. The camera is turned on by sliding the lens cover to the right, an after a brief moment turns on with an annoying chorus of beeps that is so early 21st century.

There is no viewfinder, all framing is done through the basic-looking LCD screen, and the features, setup, capture, playback, and movie, are selected by turning a little dial and selected with the wheel above. On the side of the camera is a little switch which toggles between normal mode (60cm—infinity) and macro mode (10—60cm).

It's a basic point and shoot camera, and on the whole took decent, though definitely low resolution images, compared to todays cameras. Whenever a photograph is taken, instead of an electronic shutter sound the camera emits a little beep. It then writes the image to the card.

There was one feature with my Vivitar, and I'm uncertain whether this is just my machine or how the camera was designed, but after the photograph was taken there was a brief pause before the image was written to the card. What this meant was that I had to hold the camera steady after I had taken the photograph.

If I was a little too fast I ended up with some unintentional camera movement, which is some cases was a blank image but in others was actually a halfway decent abstract image.

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