Some not so #ShittyDigital infrared trichromes, 18 December 2022

Some not so #ShittyDigital infrared trichromes, 18 December 2022

I've been making trichromes for the #1990sCameraChallenge using early digital cameras like the 1998 Sony Mavica MVC-FD81 and the 2000 Sony DSC-F505V. These have been fascinating to do, of course, but the quality has been a little ... lacking. 

So this time I wanted to use a better quality camera to see if the quality of trichrome I can create is improved also.

Using the full-spectrum Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 I created a normal trichrome, with red, green and blue filters, and then a digital aerochrome with an infrared filter, a red filter and a green filter for the red, green and blue layers, respectively. 

I also make an infrared trichrome using infrared, green and blue filters for comparison.

Clearly, the quality of all of these trichromes are much better than what I have been making with the earlier digital cameras, though has been equally as much fun.

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