Participating in the #FrugalFilmProject with the Agfa Clack

Participating in the #FrugalFilmProject with the Agfa Clack

This year I am planning to take part in the Frugal Film Project (FPP). The FPP was the idea of Sherry Christensen a few years ago. The idea is to use the cheapest film you can find and a cheap camera and use that combination for the whole year. The xamera should not cost more than 75€, and I thought that it was perfect for me as on the whole I refuse to pay more than 30€ for most of my beasties. 

The idea is to shoot one roll of film each month for the calendar year. It can be any subject or any theme and each month the images are posted to social media.

For my first year, I've chosen a camera that I gave wanted for a long time, the Agfa Clack, which coincidentally appeared on the Kamerastore website recently. This cost 29€ so is well within the 75€ limit. The Clack is as simple as a camera can be. Made between 1954—1965 it features a single shutter speed of about 1/30s and two apertures of f/11 and f/14. It takes 120 film and produces 6x9 cm images on a curved film plane.

The Clack was named after the sound it made when the shutter is fired, but my own Clack seems to me to be more of a whisper than a 'clack!' 

The useful feature about this camera is that it has a tripod mount and you can use it with a cable release, which will be useful for a couple of projects that I have in mind. The other thing about this camera is that it is easy to remove the single meniscus lens so hopefully I can flip the lens for some dreamy images later in the year.

My film of choice is the black and white Fomapan Retro 100. Fomapan is a black and white negative film made in the Czech Republic with a box speed of 100 ISO but a latitude of between 50—400 ISO. I thought this would be ideal for the Agfa Clack with its 1/30s shutter speed and I could set it at f11 and use filters to get decently exposed images. We shall see.

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