First outing with Lomochrome Turquoise and the Holga 120N, 15 March 2023

First outing with Lomochrome Turquoise and the Holga 120N, 15 March 2023

About six months ago, in October 2022, I discovered the existence of Holga Week. I was really impressed with the I.ages that artists were getting with this cheap toy camera and really wanted to participate. The only snag was, I didn't have a Holga.

I started searching on OLX, a popular classified ad site in Portugal, and came across a nice black Holga 120N for 25€. By the end of November I owned my first Holga.

Around the same time Lomography was shipping their new version of Lomochrome Turquoise and the results online were spectacular. I was keen to try some myself and ordered a couple of rolls. 

The November weather was perfect, sunny with clear blue skies, so I decided I'd 'baptise' the Holga with a roll of Lomochrome Turquoise. It was a bit of a gamble, but I figured that with a latitude of 100—400 ISO it would be ideal for the Holga. 

I wandered out to my normal places for testing a new film/camera, and headed to the nearby village of Águas Boas, and used up about half of the film. I decided that I would use up the rest of the film in Aveiro, as I really wanted to see how it would work in 'the city'.

Unfortunately, it to me another four months to get out, but finally the skies cleared and I boarded the train to Aveiro. I used up the rest of the roll around Aveiro, photographing the city views and the boats on the canals filled with tourists. 

When I received the files from the lab I was amazed, both with the quality of the Holga and the colours of the images. I can't really express how awesome Lomochrome Turquoise is, and I think the images speak for themselves. Turquoise is definitely a film stock I'm going to try again.

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