The #FrugalFilmProject, December 2023: The final entry of the year

The #FrugalFilmProject, December 2023: The final entry of the year

My first year with the Frugal Film Project was a mixed bag. For a start it was really only ten months, we were away on holiday during August and apart from a few days in October when I took an Agfa Clack clone instead of the Clack that month was a washout. I also didn't get out and about as much as I had intended and my outings weren't as adventurous as I had hoped. I was also continually challenged with the Clack (or rather Clacks as they both had the same issue) by 'fat' rolls, where the film and backing paper did not wrap tightly around the take-up spool. 

Despite all of these challenges, it was an enjoyable year and I really got to love my Agfa Clacks by the end of the year I had two Clacks on the go: the conventional Agfa Clack and a second model that I cleaned up and flipped the single lens. This produced photographs with a lovely radial blur around the outside of the image. I also explored multiple exposures, trichromes, and even the Vortoscope, three mirrors clamped together in a triangle shape like an open-ended kaleidoscope. 

In Early December I took the flipped lens Agfa Clack with me to try some trichromes. Sadly,  by my own fault I completely underexposed the images, so right at the tail end of the month I tried again. I headed to Águas Boas and made trichromes of my favourite views, the bandstand in the park and a lonely tree that sits in a field raised above the road. I also grabbed shots of a Christmas decoration by the roadside and the window of a derelict house. The lab I use in Aveiro only has a mask for 6x7 sized frames, not 6x9, the format of the Agfa Clack. So I end up with some strangely frames trichromes from time to time. Yes, I can scan the images again with the DigitaLiza Max, but sometimes I really like how these oddly framed trichromes come out.

I already have my film/camera combination ready for next year's Frugal Film Project, in fact by the time this post is published (or is it 'dropped' in the modern vernacular) I'm sure I will have already posted my first images. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2024.

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