A night out, 2 August 2021

A night out, 2 August 2021

One place that we always enjoy ending up of a night is the Tasca do Marcio in Alfarim. This rough-looking restaurant (the slang word is 'tasca' in Portuguese, which could be considered an insult but is worn as a badge of pride by its owner, the aforementioned Marcio, is a hidden gem.

They serve a variety of dishes, cooked by Marcio's mother, and whether it's a meat or fish dish the quality is second to none. Our default is a churrasco, a grilled chicken, and it is the best we have ever tasted (and grilled chicken is a national delicacy so the competition is fierce).

If you're ever in Alfarim, look up the Tasca do Marcio. You won't be disappointed. 

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