Lo-Fi #ShittyCameraChallenge, #InstantRegret: second attempt with the Kodak EK2 instant camera and Instax Square film

Lo-Fi #ShittyCameraChallenge, #InstantRegret: second attempt with the Kodak Handle and Instax Square film.

I was happy that I could get some decently exposed images with the Handle, especially without the need to use a neutral density filter, but disappointed that I had to develop the films by running the print the the Instax printer rather than just cranking the Handle.

My first thought was that the Instax Square film is far thinner than the Kodak PR10 film would have been and the rollers of the Handle are just not gripping and spreading the chemicals inside the film properly. 

I made a second Instax mount to the same dimensions as the original mounts but double the thickness. This seemed to work nicely, but only when the film was reserved, so the blue tab was at the bottom of the cassette. 

This worked nicely with a couple of test runs so I loaded an unexposed Instax film and went out to take a photo. Although the film ejected properly, the bottom of the mount caught in the rollers and jammed the camera.

On retrieving the film from the mount it was quickly clear that the processing had not worked. Like the first exposure there was nothing visible on the print apart from a few random blobs. On turning over the film something even more disturbing was revealed; the film had popped open and there was chemicals on the back of the film.

Checking the camera showed developing chemicals all over the roller, so I spent the next few minutes cleaning up the mess and drying the rollers with paper tissue. 

Just to make sure the camera was still working I loaded up a fresh film and made a test exposure. This was developed in the Instax printer, and was perfectly fine (it was a little dull, but since we're in the middle of a storm that was completely understandable).

So we're back to square one. The camera is working properly, and giving lovely exposures, and my 'dark slide' and mounts are behaving as expected apart from actually running through the rollers and delivering perfectly developed prints.

I think my next step is to go back to the original video by 'stopmo' on YouTube and see if there is any way I can modify the slides.

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