The #FrugalFilmProject, January 2023: My first film with the Agfa Clack

The #FrugalFilmProject, January 2023: My first film with the Agfa Clack

Although ordered in good time, my Fomapan Retro films didn't arrive until very late in January and I thought that I might miss the deadline for taking the first film. However,  on 31 January I thought that I would load up the Clack and take a test roll.

Loading the camera was a joy, and the Fomapan backing paper as clearly visible through the red window. The winding mechanism was smooth, and very quickly I had the film loaded and ready. 

For this test I wanted to try a couple of things that I was hoping to feature later in the year. I took with me a red, green and blue filter for trichrome work and set the aperture to its widest setting at f11. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I hoped that with the filter factor this would deliver the correct exp

1. f11, red filter (church)
2. f11, green filter (church)
3. f11, blue filter (church)
4. f11, red filter 
5. f11, red filter (woodland)
6. f11, red filter (tree)
7. f11, green filter (tree)
8. f11, blue filter (tree)

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