A Year in the Making: Lomochrome Purple on the Beach in Meco, 30 August 2023

A Year in the Making: Lomochrome Purple on the Beach in Meco, 30 August 2023

Unlike previous years, where I took photographs of the beach and surroundings with my smartphone, this year I had a plan. In addition to a #ShittyDigital Vivitar 'Vivicam' for the Shitty Camera Challenge, I brought with a Minox 35GT loaded with Lomochrome Purple.

In fact this was an idea I had during the last holiday in 2022. On the way to the beach we pass through a well established pine woodland. I've photographed it before, but I thought that it would look really amazing in Lomochrome. The snag was that although I have a good number of 120 roll film cameras, I don't have many 35mm cameras to fall back on.

I've always had a hankering for a Minox, those little miniature cameras that just fold into a pocket, and I picked up a 'not passed' Minox 35GT for 35€ from the Kamerastore in Finland. I had already determined that the Minox was functioning perfectly, though it has a slightly slow and oily aperture.

Over the course of our five-week holiday I took the opportunity to take photographs with the Minox on the beach, in the woods and around the village of Meco. I had read that the ideal rating for Lomochrome Purple was ISO 200, although on a couple of really sunny days I rated the film at ISO 100.

After getting the film developed I was slightly disappointed to find some of the images in the woods came out quite dark. However, the beach shots, which were rated at ISO 100 came out really well.

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