Testing the Lomo LC-A, 09 October 2022

Testing the Lomo LC-A, 09 October 2022

On my first outing with the Lomo LC-A I used one of the expired (c. 2002) Konica VX100 films set at 50ASA. Although I obtained some images, the negatives were very thin, so I thought I would double check with a roll of XP2.

I took a series of images with the camera set on the auto setting and then the same image with the camera on the manual exposure setting. Immediately I could tell that the manual setting was not exposing at 1/60s each time, sometimes it was audibly slower, sometimes it felt right.

When I received the negatives back it was immediately clear that the images taken with the manual setting were incorrectly exposed. However, the images on the auto setting looked fine.

The conclusion is that I can really only use the LC-A in auto mode, and for good measure I might stick to using ISO 400 film.

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