Another cheap camera. This time it's a 10€ Lomo LC-A, 08 May 2023

Another cheap camera. This time it's a 10€ Lomo LC-A, 08 May 2023

While I was learning about the Ricoh Auto Half E2, the very next entry on the Kamerastore website was a Lomo LC-A. This was also 'not passed' according to the description on the page because the ASA wheel had broken off and terminals in the battery chamber were corroded.

But it was 10€, so if I could get it working again that would be a bargain. So I popped it into the basket alongside the Ricoh.

The 10€ Lomo LC-A arrived with the Ricoh, all nicely wrapped up with bubble wrap. It's a 1991 vintage,  according to the serial number, and is a bit plasticky compared to my late 1980s LC-A. As mentioned, it was so cheap because the ASA dial has broken off and the camera is stuck on 25 ASA. The battery chamber was also full of gunge from where batteries had been left in too long.

I opened battery chamber and popped in some fresh LR44  batteries. There was no sign if life, the LC-A was dead. A preliminary clean with vinegar failed to remove much of the debris from the contacts so I took a fine-tipped screwdriver and gently rubbed it over the contacts. The debris started to flake off, and after further cleaning and drying the terminals I replaced the batteries again. This time it came back to life and the battery check light in the viewfinder glowed brightly. 

Now it was working, and the aperture and focusing levers were doing what they were  supposed to, it was time to take a closer look at the innards. The film chamber was remarkably clean, but it was apparent that the light seals were completely worn and will need replacing too.

So once I have replacing the light seals in the Lomo LC-A and the Ricoh Auto Half it'll be time to take them out and put them through their paces.

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