Panoramas: The April entry for the #FrugalFilmProject, 18 May 2023

Panoramas: The April entry for the #FrugalFilmProject, 18 May 2023

The April theme for the Frugal Film Project was panoramas, specifically Agfaramas made in a similar way to Holgaramas: Taking an image, winding the film on to nearly the following frame, turning the camera slightly then taking another image, and so forth. This way we can get a single long panorama of slightly overlapping frames. 

I took the Agfa Clack loaded with Fomapan Retro to one of my favourite spots, the area around our local Lidl. I took three photographs for each panorama, with the camera at it's widest aperture and using a red filter.

Everything seemed to go well with the panoramas, but when I unloaded the film from the camera I discovered that I had a 'fat' roll, the film was not wound tightly around the film take-up spool. After a couple of nervous weeks, and needing to get the May film developed,  I bit the bullet and headed to Aveiro to get the film processed.

When I picked up the negatives from the lab there were certainly light leaks around the edges of the film, but they were not as bad as I thought. I also discovered that I had made a classic mistake. Normally the wind-on knob is on the right side of the camera so the camera should be moved from left to right. On the Clack it's on the left side, so camera movement should be from right to left. Oops!

I was able to make some reasonable panoramas by stitching the different frames together with Bimostitch, but they were not as I had hoped.

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