Trichromes: The May entry for the #FrugalFilmProject, 18 May 2023

Trichromes: The May entry for the #FrugalFilmProject, 18 May 2023

After the April 'fat' roll for panoramas  I was a little nervous about exposing another film through the Agfa Clack. My idea to add a metal spring to the take-up spool was a failure, but I needed to enter a film for the following month and I had already decided to try trichromes, so I loaded the Clack with a roll of Fomapan Retro and headed off to Aveiro. 

From previous visits I already had the playground in mind for the multicoloured fence surrounding it. I guess that this would be an ideal subject for a trichrome, and so it proved to be. The second image, of the hotel Melia Ria, is one of my favourite views of this building.

Red, green and blue filters were used to make the RGB levels which were processed in GIMP photo editor. The red line and blue image to the right of the frame in the trichrome of the children's playground is because I accidentally knocked the camera between shots.

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