Testing the infrared capability of the Konica Q-M100, 07 September 2023

Testing the infrared capability of the Konica Q-M100, 07 September 2023

I've recently acquired a Konica Q-M100 digital camera, a 1,3MP camera from 1997. I was impressed with the colour images from the Konica, but of course what I really wanted to do with this camera was see how it would perform with an infrared filter.

After several dull days, this morning the sky was filled with wispy clouds. I mounted the camera onto my little travel tripod and headed across the road to photograph my favourite well and orange trees that I always use to test out a new camera.

The first image taken, of course, was with the camera on program mode where the camera chose all of the settings, and I have to say it was rather nice although the clouds were a little blown out.

There seems to be no option to set the camera to black and white mode, so all I could do was hold the Hoya 720nm Infrared filter over the lens and snap away. In addition to using the infrared filter I also took images with red, green and blue filters to see if I could create a digital aerochrome, one of my favourite exercises. 

The infrared sensitivity of the Konica Q-M100 was really impressive. With the Hoya 720nm infrared filter we get a lovely image. This is a colour photograph with the infrared filter held in front of the lens. I was thrilled with the infrared response of this camera, much better than from the Sony Mavica (sorry, #FloppyDiskSquad).

With the colour filters, the blue and green filter images were as expected,  but the response to the red filter was strange, to say the least. I thought it was me, not holding the filter properly (a Hoya 25A, I think), but all of my attempts with the red filter were the same. Although the clouds came out a beautiful dark red, the sky was black and the image looked like it was solarised. I wish I could glitch an image as well as this. Sadly the Konica digital aerochrome was not to be.

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