The #FrugalFilmProject, September 2023: A trip to Aveiro with the flipped lens Agfa Clack

The #FrugalFilmProject, September 2023: A trip to Aveiro with the flipped lens Agfa Clack. 

There was no entry for August as we were on holiday and I was limited by what I could take. But I came back in September with a slight change. I'm still using the Agfa Clack and Fomapan Retro combination, but this is one I picked up for 10€ because it had fungus in the lens. So I removed the lens (not as easy as everyone made it seem), cleaned up the fungus (hopefully) and ... flipped it. Yes, I could have used my original Clack and flipped the lens in that one, but I love that Clack and didn't want to ruin it.

The first film with the flipped lens Agfa Clack went really well. I took it around the local woods, and finished the film off in Aveiro. There was one thing I quickly discovered though: this was a fat roll too. Of course I was disappointed and I thought that it might be the film stock. Perhaps the paper or the film was too thick?

When I received my images back from the lab and was actually thrilled with the reversed lens Agfa Clack. It worked a treat, apart from the 'fat' roll, of course. There was a good sharp centre to the image and around the outside of the frame was a lovely streaky blur. From the images it was clear that anything further than 15m was going to be out of focus, so once I have found the 'sweet spot' for focussing I hope that I can get some nice results.

I'm going to try another type of film stock with the Clack, to see whether I get a 'fat' roll with that. Of course,  it won't be for the FFP.

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