A Tagged Train in Aveiro, 03 November 2023

A Tagged Train in Aveiro, 03 November 2023
I was out today picking up some negatives and testing a modified Agfa Clack for 'fat' rolls, a problem that has been plaguing me for the best part of the year and that I think I've finally solved.

I missed the train that I had intended to catch so I had time to grab a snack and a beer. I also took a little time to check out the old trains on the Vouga line, the railway line between Aveiro and Agueda. 
The old carriages of the Agueda regional trains have been a target of taggers for many years and I always try to see them as I pass through. As I had a few minutes to spare, I couldn't resist snapping a few smartphone photos. 
The trains are looking a little worse for wear nowadays, and the taggers have laid so much paint over the windows it must be almost impossible for the passengers to see out, but I can't deny that the graffiti makes these red trains look even more colourful. 
As the train pulled out of the station on its way to Agueda I grabbed a last couple of images of the departing train, suddenly realising that the doors were still open! 

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