The #FrugalFilmProject, November 2023: The Vortoscope and no more 'fat' rolls (perhaps)

The #FrugalFilmProject, November 2023: The Vortoscope and no more 'fat' rolls (perhaps)

After trying different films in the Agfa Clack, different cameras with Fomapan Retro, I was still getting 'fat' rolls in both Agfa Clacks, the original and the 'flipped lens' version. My last resort was to cut some pieces of sponge and put them inside the body of the camera. Glued underneath the film take-up spool, the idea was that the sponge would keep the roll tight enough that we won't get 'fat' rolls any more.

There was no #FrugalFilmProject roll for October as since I had ventured with the Vredeborch Felica it had done little else but rain, rain, rain. However, the weather broke around tge beginning of November and I took the original Agfa Clack with sponge-modification and the Vortoscope to Aveiro. It was more a test of the sponge modification than a real entry for the Frugal Film Project, but I also wanted to try the Vortoscope and some multiple exposures. 

The results were spectacular. For the first time I had beautifully exposed frames, no light leaks and, best of all, a tightly wound roll of film. I was really happy with how the Vortoscope behaved as well, although it was difficult to properly frame it, the missed Melia Ria Hotel is a good example. 

I also tried a few multiple exposures, too, again with mixed success. That said, my aim was really to test whether I had beaten the 'fat' roll issue and it was certainly the most tightly wound roll I've seen for a long time. It was just the first roll, but all being well the issue is resolved. Huzzah!

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