A few snaps with a bargain Canon Powershot A720, 04 December 2023

A few snaps with a bargain Canon Powershot A720, 04 December 2023

Picked up a bargain from the Kamerastore the other day This Canon Powershot A720, an 8MP digicam from 2008, was listed for 9€. It was described as working fine but the date and time had to be reset after it was switched off. Aha, I thought, I know why that is. The Canon range used a small watch battery to remember camera settings and the date and time. 

So I snapped it up and it arrived this morning. Aside from the date/time issue it was in lovely condition, and as I had to pop out anyway I went to the local Euro store and picked up a CR1220 watch battery and a cheap Kingston 4GB microSD card and SD adapter.

Replacing the battery soon had the A720 back in peak condition and noticing a brief break in the clouds I popped across the road to test the camera with the a few filters, including my favourite infrared filter. Of course, my subject was the trees and well that I always use to test out a new camera. This time, assuming that the sun was out, I hoped the heavy clouds behind the trees would provide a lovely multicoloured cloudscape. I was not disappointed. 

Before I started I set the camera to black and white mode and took photographs with red, green, and blue filters. I also took some images with the 720nm Infrared filter. These were a little variable as the sun kept on going behind the clouds. I also tried a couple if Infrared images in colour mode, which were variable depending on how intense the sun was.

The trichromes were also a little variable, with the different intensity of the sun, but the last trichrome came out really well. On the whole this is a lovely little camera and I can't wait to take it out again. 

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