Some #ShittyCameraChallenge Street Art in Aveiro, 06 December 2023

Some #ShittyCameraChallenge Street Art in Aveiro, 06 December 2023

A short post today of some street art in Aveiro taken with the Canon Powershot A720 digicam. The featured image is a commissioned piece from the artist @cesteban (I think, I couldn't find their profile by thus name) and celebrated the Portuguese fadista (fadi is a style of Portuguese song) Amália Rodrigues, and Fernando Pessoa, a famous Portuguese poet and writer.

The knights on the wall were spotted in a side street off an alley that I've walked down many times before and never noticed. Today, I happened to look left and there it was.

The thoughtful knights, preaching 'Make Love Not War' I think were by the artist Eldi, though I could not find anything about them online.

I particularly liked the little cat at the base of the wall. I'm not sure. If this is by the same artist, but it's cute.

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