A #ShittyCameraChallenge Sunrise, 03 December 2023

A #ShittyCameraChallenge Sunrise, 03 December 2023

I awoke this morning to see a beautiful orange glow coming through the window. I took the opportunity to grab a few #ShittyCameraChallenge compliant digicams and headed upstairs to record the pre-sunrise cloudscapes.

The first camera I picked was the Samsung D60, a 5MP digicam from 2005. This was previously to black and white mode and without my glasses I couldn't figure out how to change the profile to colour so I took a series of cloudscapes to make a panorama.

Next up, also from 2005, was the HP Photosmart R817. I've had this camera for a while and I really like its infrared sensitivity but I haven't really used it in 'normal' mode. Again, without my glasses I couldn't figure out how to switch off the flash, but the first exposure came out nicely, even with flash, so I continued. 

The final camera 'out of the bag' was the Canon Powershot G5, one if my favourite early digital cameras. This one was already set to manual mode, so it was easy to adjust the exposure to get the colours I was looking for. 

This was a great little exercise, and I was really happy with how the difference cameras responded to the low light. Oddly enough, exactly one year earlier, for another #ShittyCameraChallenge, this time the #1990sCameraChallenge, I was making sunrise panoramas. That time, though it was with an early consumer digital camera, the Sony Mavica. 

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