The #FrugalFilmProject, April 2024: At the beach with the 1920s Generic Folding Camera

The #FrugalFilmProject, April 2024: At the beach with the 1920s Generic Folding Camera.

Last month we took the 1920s generic folding camera to Aveiro to photograph some street art. Although I have improved the framing by blocking out part of the ground glass screen with black electrical tape, I'm still having issues with overexposure. Using an aperture reading for 1/100s at ISO 800 and factoring in the change of aperture using the ND4 filter all of the exposures were overexposed and I suspected that the shutter speed was not actually 1/100s.

I attempted to measure the shutter speed with a smartphone app and it looked like the shutter speed of the 1920s generic folding camera was actually about 1/25s. So with this in mind we headed off to Barra, a popular beach near Aveiro, and Vagueira. There I used my new film holders and took four frames at 1/50s, to account for any variance with an ND8 filter to get a decent f-stop with Instax film on a sunny day. 

Unfortunately everything was still overexposed! I was a little confused, to say the least. I think next time I'm going to go back to my original plan of metering at 1/100s and see what we get from that. Did I just get myself in a tizz with all of the permutations and combinations? Who knows, but I'm determined to crack it.

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