A test run with the Kodak Duaflex TTV Contraption

A test run with the Kodak Duaflex TTV Contraption 

After completing the  Kodak Duaflex pseudo TLR camera and Nikon Coolpix 5900 digicam combination it was time to take the Contraption for a walk in the woods and fields behind our house. Of course the first thing I tried was to make trichromes and digital aerochromes with the Nikon digicam set to black and white and using red, green, blue, and infrared filters. These were of mixed success but the unnatural results were really fabulous. I'm not sure why, but the infrared images were really awful. I'm aware that with infrared the wavelengths mean that focussing is slightly different to visible light, but this was way off, and possibly an artifact of trying to focus using a secondary lens/mirror combination. Who knows. I'm certainly no physicist but the results were awesome. 

Then it was time to take the Contraption for a trip around the fields. I tried a few things, landscapes, close-ups of flowers, that sort of thing, and I was really thrilled with the results. Well, partially thrilled and a little disappointed that the viewfinder of the Duaflex was just too good. There was hardly any distortion and the images were nice and crisp (apart from the close-ups, but the Duaflex wasn't really made for that, I'm sure). The Nikon behaved like a charm, I couldn't have picked a better digicam.

I'm really liking this technique again, even though it's been a while since I've used a Contraption. One thing I must remember to do is flip the images in processing so that subjects are as they appear in 'real life', not in the viewfinder. I have one more film camera with a 'brilliant' viewfinder ideal for TTV, the Fotomekano Unibox. However, I'm thinking of doing something slightly different with this one. A full-spectrum TTV Contraption, perhaps?

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