Making trichromes and aerochromes with the digital Frankencamera

Making trichromes and aerochromes with the digital Frankencamera.

After completing the digital Frankencamera I was writing a rough blog post to summarise my experience and went back to look at the first images produced with the Genius 8MP digicam. It wasn't that long ago but I was blown away by the digital aerochromes and trichromes that the Genius produced. So I thought,  why not see what the digital Frankencamera can do?

I mounted the Genius digicam in its cone to the back of the Frankencamera and wedged it in place so it would not move. I then set the shutter to 'T' and rhe aperture to its widest. I also set the Genius to a 10-second time so that I could hold a filter over the lens. I set the digicam to black and white then took photographs with red, green, blue and infrared filters from which I made a trichrome and a digital aerochrome. 

What was immediately apparent is that I really need a decent diffusion gel, so will be looking around for a Leelux 400 diffusion filter. With each image there was a clearly visible hot spot and this drastically affected the exposure of each filtered image, especially the infrared image. But at least I have shown that I can produce a trichrome with the digital Frankencamera. 

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