A test run with the supposedly glitchy Canon Powershot G12

A test run with the supposedly glitchy Canon Powershot G12. 

As it was a nice and partially sunny afternoon I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take the the supposedly glitchy Canon Powershot G12 out for a walk in the woods and fields behind our house. Of course the main thing I wanted to do was to make trichromes and digital aerochromes with the Powershot set to black and white and using red, green, blue, and infrared filters. These were of mixed success in often challenging conditions. It was sunny but quite heavily cloudy at the same time, but some of the results were really fabulous.

I also took some colour infrared images for channel swapping. In GuIMP photo editor I swapped the colour data in the red and blue channels. I had discovered on my test the day before that the channel shifted images were really nice, but today, when it was slightly cloudy, the images possessed a strong blue tinge. In some instances, though, especially under the oak tree canopy, this produced some lovely results.

I tried a few things with the Powershot G12, landscapes, close-ups of flowers, the fish-eye lens effect, that sort of thing, and I was really happy with the results. Some of the close-ups were really amazing, though as it was a windy day it was occasionally difficult to get proper focus 

Even though it's not as glitchy as I had hoped, this camera is really wonderful. It's comfortable to hold in the hand, the controls are intuitive and easy to use, and it produces some lovely results. Hopefully we'll be going out over the next few days and I'm planning to see how it behaves compared to the Powershot A720. 

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