Cycle racing in Carris: Through the Viewfinder

Cycle racing in Carris: Through the Viewfinder. 

I was making the lunch when I heard a police siren outside, 'woop, woop!' It wasn't the normal sound so I went to the window to find out what was going on. I could see that the roads around the nearby rotunda (roundabout) were being cordoned off and police and officials in tabards were milling around. For the first time in quite a while we were going to have some racing cyclists pass by.

I rushed upstairs to grab the first camera that came to mind: the Through the Viewfinder Contraption with the Kodak Duaflex pseudo-TLR and Genius digicam. Normally I would pick a better digital camera, or even my smartphone, but this time I wanted to try some action shots with the TTV setup. I found a nice shaded area by the side of the road and waited for the racing cyclists to pass.

A small group went by, followed by some team support cars, then a long thread of cyclists sped by. Usually  it feels like the group of cyclists is never ending, but with the TTV Contraption I only managed a few frames and they were gone! 

The camera was set to monochrome mode only because last week I was trying to make some trichromes, but I quite like how it's turned out. Also, I didn't really notice that the camera had move so that the frame wasn't properly aligned. I thing I'm going to have to fix that with a little epoxy glue. It'll mean the Contraption is permanent but really, that was part of the plan.

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