Street Art in Oiã through the viewfinder, 14 July 2023

Street Art in Oiã through the viewfinder, 14 July 2023

The local council in Oiã have recently commissioned a couple of pieces of Street art in the town. The first was for the recent Festa dos Flores, a biannual carnival and event. This was a lovely whimsical little piece on the side of a house facing the church and a patch of ground in the centre of the town that used to have a monument but is now basically a car park for the parishioners every Sunday.

The second is a magnificent piece of street art on the electrical junction tower (I think that's what it is) at the entry to the town from the main road. This is a completely different style to the other piece and is certainly striking as you enter Oiã.

Of course, I had to give these the through the viewfinder look with the Ferrania Elioflex pseudo TLR and Nikon Coolpix S8000 combination. Also, as I was in the area, I had to see what the lovely water tower in Oiã looked like through the viewfinder. Although it's not street art  it is a magnificent looking building in its new black and white livery.

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