Some Pole-arity with the Shitty Camera Challenge, 07 June 2023

Some Pole-arity with the Shitty Camera Challenge, 07 June 2023

We're catching the tail-end of Storm Oscar here in Portugal at the moment and my attempts to get out for the #ShittyCameraChallenge have been thwarted by bad weather. Today, however, the skies cleared a little and I took the opportunity to make some time for appreciation of the noble electricity pole.

I had also taken delivery of some really shitty lenses, specifically wide angle and telephoto converters that screw onto the front of a 'proper' lens. The condition of these was really poor, one was broken and another was full of fungus, but they were 5€ each and it's the Shitty Camera Challenge and I knew what I was getting. 

So out I went with the PlayStation Portable fitted with the PSP-300 camera, and it's 1,3MP resolution, and a wide-angle converter to made Shitty Digital images of the local telephone and electricity poles against a sky filled with fluffy clouds.

As well as standard images, in some instances I held the wide-angle adapter over the tiny PSP camera lens the 'right' way round and also reversed. I did find it difficult to center the image properly and it turns out that I need to alter the angle of the lens to get a properly centred image. But this was the first time, and next time will be better. 

So here are the unedited images, but this being the Shitty Camera Challenge I plan to glitch several of these, too.

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