The #ShittyCameraChallenge: More Databending with the Sony PlayStation Portable, 21 June 2023

The #ShittyCameraChallenge: More Databending with the Sony PlayStation Portable, 21 June 2023

 I took the PlayStation Portable and the PSP-300 camera out  to the Garden of Contemplation. This is a small paved area the sits on the location of the former chapel in Carris. A new chapel had been built several years ago to replace one that was there for over 100 years. The old chapel, and its altar, remained unused and a few years ago the building was demolished on the grounds that it was unsafe. After a few months as a car park, the local council built a nice little paved area. What I call the Garden of Contemplation. 

The original plan was actually to taken some photos with the PlayStation Portable and coloured filters and make trichromes. This had limited success (and was pointless really since the original images were colour anyway) though the fake infrared aerochrome came out quite nicely. However,  I had enough images that I felt it would be a good idea to glitch some.

 The JPG files were loaded into GIMP photo editor and exported as BMP (bitmap) and TIFF files. I then imported the files into Ocenaudio, and applied various audio effects or cut and passed the various 'sound' waves. The files were then exported and resaved as bitmap or TIFF files. I also took some of the JPG files and loaded them into Processing and ran ASDF Pixel Sort. Using various settings I pixel sorted a number of photographs from the day, including a couple of smartphone images. 

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